Sunday, August 26, 2012


So some people (well, at least one of my relatives) have been expressing a desire to see me post more (or anything, really).  I haven't posted since June!  Two months ago!
I've been busy.  Not just work busy (Two jobs! Sewing work! Commissions!) but personal work busy.  I'm digging deep, guys, doing some serious brain analysis.  Getting down and dirty with my little life.
Part of this has been staying away from the internet.  This shit does not make me happy, does not lead to good thought patterns for me on most days and wastes what precious little time I have to myself.  So yeah, I haven't been around much.  It's been better for me.
I have been drawing.  Finally.  I have a new comic up at Sadie, and I am working on Milkyboots #14.  Yes, for realz.  It will be the best issue of Milkyboots yet, I promise.
I may post some stuff soon, but I am also feeling an urge to go old school and not put any of it up before it comes out.
Yeah, so don't worry about me.  I'm not curled up in a knot of misery, listening to "Someone That I Used to Know" on endless repeat, I'm forming myself into an awesome Super-Virginia, with biceps of steel, transcendent communication skills and a rubber-ball-like resilience.


E*phi said...

Even though I always enjoy your posts, it's good to read that you've been having adventurous fun offline! I can relate - I noticed that spending to much time in front of the screen makes me depressed (for no particular reason) too.
Can't wait for the new milkyboots! <3
Go Super-Virginia, goooo!!! :)
(also yay for homemade lemonade stuff!)

Mark P Hensel AKA William Cardini said...

I totally understand needing to get away from the Internet to clear you head and focus! I'd do it if I had the self control. I'm looking forward to Milkyboots #14 when you're done.

Jeanie said...

Time for the story of when you were maybe 2-and-a-half, 3 at the most, and I commented that you were playing really patiently and kindly with your younger boy cousins(who could try a girl's patience at the time, by the way). You replied, with a confident little nod, "I'm a Wonder-Kid."

Looks like you still are!

(I've probably told you that story a few times, but I'm old so you have to put up with it.)