Friday, November 12, 2010


Well, I forgot to post on Sunday because it was my roommate's birthday and because I have generally been really busy. Also I haven't really been drawing! I just haven't felt like it! I know that it makes some people disappointed and to them I say what I always say: "Write your own damn comics!"
So here is another page of Just Sayin'. I'm sorry that blogger sucks at images and it is tiny, but I don't feel like futsing with flickr and I only have like nine pictures left before they start deleting stuff or I have to start paying and I know $25 for a real account isn't much but, goddamn, it kind of is for me.
How about some good news? I am very, very close to getting my free-pile-find scanner working, which means more regular updates. Also I will be at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival at the beginning of December! Tabling for Sparkplug of course, but I will have some of my own stuff as well.

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