Thursday, May 13, 2010

Links-heavy Post


You can find Geminica and La Nina's comics online! They are both fantastically awesome.

I have been reading these lately:

tiger beatdown

the sexist

Melinda Boyce

Derailing for Dummies

Also, Milkyboots #10 is available to read on QZAP. If you choose to read it there, I highly recommend donating either to them or me! Keep the zine-lovin' alive!

And, if you have any other extra money, my boss T Edward Bak, has a Kickstarter project for the book I am helping him with: WILD MAN! The rewards for pledging are pretty awesome - Mr. Bak is a fantastic artist.

I was thanked in my friend's trainhopping zine, so no one can tell me I'm not punk anymore. I think?

1 comment:

Red Avian said...

people I admire usually get a huge dose of painful awkwardness and then I walk away mid conversation to avoid more ass makery. this, of course, makes me look like a douche.
btw you put the ass in class.