Friday, February 26, 2010

The Best Boob


I will be out of town for the next two weeks or so, since my parents sprang for a family vacation to visit my brother in London. I guess we're going to Bath and some place called Devizes too.
Anyway, I won't be able to post. Hopefully this will sustain you!

UPDATE: I've gotten rid of the "followers" widget and started monitering the comments. I'm sure you don't really care why I've done this, but I'm gonna tell you anyways - there have been entirely too many white supremacists, fundamentalist Christians, anti-feminists and 12 year olds who want me to comment on their blogs adding Milkyboots. How do I know this? I usually check out the blogs of new followers, because I am interested in who is reading. And now, I'm sort of afraid.
Apparently, a bunch of people have added Milkyboots without actually reading anything I've written, and that creeps me out. So, I'm going to repost here what I said in a comment last month:

I feel like I should warn you now: I am an ardently feminist, pro-choice, anti-traditional gender roles, radical queer person. If you decide to continue reading, please take into consideration that you may find yourself strongly disagreeing with some of the things I say. That being said, thank you for reading."

Maybe I'm taking this too personally for the internet, but for God's sake, people, try actually reading and comprehending something for once.


tomorrowboy 2.6 said...

I reviewed a zine I got from you last summer!

(Yes it takes me forever to read things.)

Sorry I don't remember you...

owlie said...


MackNificent said...

I really like your blog. Yes, I've read your disclaimer...and though we may not agree on all things, I know real talent when I see it! We can both agree that your blog is interesting. (Love the cartoons)

Take care. I'll be back to visit from time to time.


milkyboots said...

Thanks, that is really appreciated!

El seƱor x said...