Thursday, August 21, 2008

No, really. Don't.


The thing in my right hand is supposed to be a pear. Seriously, don't ride your bike like this. I'm cruising for a bruising, and not just of my fruity snack.

I am not feeling settled enough to write anything substantial, but I should mention that I have had a lot of stuff going on the last week and a half and have a lot more going on this weekend. Mostly good things, but still, my head may explode.

10 for 21

-Interstellar 5555 (The pilot's hair is amazing! I wish mine looked that awesome.)
-Allan Hough and serendipitous SF connections
-homemade oven fries
-temporary roommates/big slumber parties at my house
-Ray's serving beer
-my new, half-assed tattoo
-Derek's bug collection
-vegan mocha
-red wine with ice cubes (yeah, i'm trashy)
-Cursive "Staying Alive"

1 comment:

Stephanie Spencer said...

kamakazi bike riders. it seems to be the way we gals roll.