Friday, July 25, 2008

Tablet Does Not Equal Genius.


I became famous this week! Not only was I in Velocity but the new Bejeezus
is out with one of my comics in it. Surely the publishing contracts and marriage proposals will come pouring into my inbox now.
But I should be realistic. That sort of fame brings IOUs and awkward groping.

PS. Will Oldham played a secret show in the post office this morning. He was wearing crocs. Take that, everyone who ditched me and Daniel last night!

PSS. The reason my writing skills are so poor today is Daniel's bad influence on my drinking habit. Or possibly a degenerative brain disease I caught when he was rubbing his gangrene-infected foot on me last night.

1 comment:

j. woolard said...

we didn't ditch you! it's not my fault you didn't check your phone. and i think seeing will oldham 4 times in one week is enough for me, i don't need your weird post office show!