Monday, June 2, 2008

Need New Brain.

Or atleast one that can tolerate alcohol with out making me retarded. Seriously. So, sorry to everyone who I've told the same story to eight times.


10 for 2

-XXX Vitamin Water
-iced jasmine green tea with honey
-feather earrings
-art party on JChappa's roof

Roof Art Party

Derek Reading Emerson

-the bike ride to Clifton
-text from Daniel: I'm in Ashland and can see your ghost. Miss you, dawg.
-The Kills - Midnight Boom
-Foals - Balloons Single
-Goldfrapp "A&E"
-rereading Osamu Tezuka's 'Buddha' series

1 comment:

j. woolard said...

i like the xxx vitamin water too! OMG! but seriously, it is good... and it didn't make my stomach cramp like all the other ones.