Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dear God, Someone Please Buy Me a Wacom Tablet!

This drawing is wretched, but it's been so long since I posted a comic. And yes, I know I'm not taller than JWoolard.


10 for Portland

-Seeing Daniel and Kayti (duh)
-Being a block from Whole Foods
-The Know Bar (it made me realize my favorite bars are the ones where I'm scared of the bathrooms)
-Vegan everything, everywhere holla!
-The Max (Get real! Max weighs 55 tons.)
-Friendly peeps, for the most part
-The IPRC (serious love. every city should have one.
-Powells (again, duh)
-Decent beer selection
-Meeting Janet Weiss!


j. woolard said...

no no, wasn't a bar, it was stars, and it was 9:30 am, that was the weird part...

milkyboots said...

oh fuck. i'll change it, hold up.