Friday, February 22, 2008

Stuck in the Tree House

No comic today, sorry. Maybe tomorrow.

I am *literally* stuck in my house, because the steps leading downstairs are outside and too icy to walk down safely. I'm sure that this is some sort of a fire hazard. Good thing I'm flame-retardant.

Today I have two lists!

A. Two Things I Spent A Lot Of Time Last Night Laying Awake Thinking About:

1. Is 'cute' art? Discounting if you're Japanese (Ai Yamaguchi, Junko Mizuno, Takeshi Murakami, etc.) Can I really define myself as an artist if most of the things I do are 'cute'? I would say I was more of a craftsperson (artisan? words suck sometimes) and when I do 'serious' 'art', it's always 'cute'. I'm reminded of when I was painting with Gretchen and I made some comment about liking pink. She said, of course you do. So I painted a big pink unicorn just to show her. When I think about the serious art I've tried to do, I feel like it's fallen short of the 'art' mark.
I think part of my neurosis here is not having a formal 'art' education. Not that you need one to be able to do or create art, though most of the artists I know have exactly that. Maybe to be an iconoclast you need to know what the icon is?
And where does 'cute' fit in?

2. Does love exist?

B. 10 for 22
-Leslie Feist's cover of 'Lover's Spit'
-Cloud Cult 'Washed Your Car'
-staying in being a strange cure for loneliness
-internets @ the house!
-Nothing Nice To Say ("Bananarchy!")
-Howl's Moving Castle
-Toshiro Mifune being weirdly hot
-lavish praise of my writing (Thanx, Kayti and Megan!)
-JWoolard being in a better mood

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