Monday, November 14, 2011

Now I am Under

Now I am Under

This is a test run of a "splash page," haha, for my next comic. The text will be different; these are lyrics from a song by Florence and the Machine. Every time I do a drawing with song lyrics on it, I feel like a teenager again.
I am done comics conventioning for the year and it is a relief! I plan to not leave the house until March when I'll probably be in Austin. Last week was especially stressful; three events, no sleep, work and an injured kitty. Our vet is great though, and Lyra is doing much better after something got a hold of her tail.

Guys, how awesome has Community been this season?! That show is like my security blanket.


PatrickD said...

Is this a new autobio project? Separate from Milkyboots?

milkyboots said...

Yes, I'm trying to keep it kind of a secret! I'll tell you more on Sunday!