Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm back


I've returned from Louisville! Derby City Comic Con was great! My friend Laura (see ad to the right) is so inspiring! Exclamation point!

Okay world, you ready for me to roar through three zines, setting up a pop up shop, helping Neighbor Jenny with her quilt and making some sort of bow-involved birthday present for a friend plus working a whopping three days a week?!

Yeah, I know, I'm not sure either. But let's see how far I get.

The drawing above is of Carla, from the story that I was gonna call Just Sayin' but now I have to think of another name. I drew it on the plane! And I managed not to get any india ink on my fellow passengers.

1 comment:

PatrickD said...

Carla! Carla sportin' some cleavage no less.