Sunday, August 22, 2010

Milkyboots #11, Portland Zine Symposium, etc.

Yes, Milkyboots #11 is almost done and will be ready for the Portland Zine Symposium next weekend (August 28th & 29th)!
I will also be selling back issues (#8 - #10) and some minis: The Warehouse on Poplar, Cannibal Corpse on the Turnpike and a food zine that (because I love to overwork myself) I made this weekend:

I hope to see you there! Both the new things should be in my shop within the next week. Also, I probably won't be posting diary pages for awhile ... I'm kind of burnt out on them, and I am going to be working on applying for a grant to have another project published. However, I will try to post stuff from that ...

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