Sunday, February 7, 2010

Still Behind

On posting, that is. I haven't felt especially motivated to do these lately, sorry guys!


Panel two is ironic considering what happened two weeks later. I think it's for the best tho. I can't take credit for the "This is boring. I'm bored." Paris used to say it all the time.

Next Saturday is the Stumptown Underground zine release party (the sex issue!) at Floating World Comics. One of my drawings got into this issue! Stumptown Underground is a really awesome project and the party should be some sexy fun. They don't have the time of the party up on their site yet, but I'm sure it'll be up there soon.


Mitchel Knight said...

Hey. You should gimme the info for the Stumptown release thing, even though we'll be rockin' it on Friday and you could probably just tell me then.

milkyboots said...

Okay, okay:

The party is at Floating World Comics, from 6-9pm on Saturday the 13th. Here's th' link:!/event.php?eid=285241033088&ref=mf

AF said...

1.) Tina and Bette ARE boring. 2.) I love the "MRA?" My cat says that all the time, and I couldn't think of how to spell it. You nailed it!