Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thinkin', thinkin'.


Guess who *still* needs a scanner?! And needs to learn photoshop once and for all?

My pen was leaking like crazy the whole time I was drawing this, plus I had shaky coffee hands. But it turned out okay!


Allan said...

Don't get a scanner; I LOVE the picture-of-a-drawing effect! So fun to look at. Scans would be boring.

milkyboots said...

Yay! My unprofessionalism wins again!

Unknown said...

sometimes living with people makes me feel lonelier.
i say get a scanner. they are so fun... and you can scan old negatives from high school and what not and make them look awesome. i just got one but i haven't set it up yet.

Allan said...

OK, get a scanner for the fun factor if you must. But please keep shooting the comics with a plain ol' camera.

Incidentally, I'm wearing my Milkyboots shirt today and getting lots of attention. "What's your shirt say?" "Niiice shirt!" "What's Milkyboots?" "You look faaabulous in purple."