Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stop Selling Me Breast Cancer!

I've got three things for y'all today.

1. I agreed (possibly when drunk) to read Walt Whitman at the gallery hop next Friday. Now they're wanting me to do stuff, like write a bio and actually read the bastard.

My first attempt:

Virginia Paine is a Louisville writer whose poems, musings and comics can be found at www.milkyboots.blogspot.com. She is also a bicycling advocate and a part-time seamstress for the local clothing company LauraFauna.

I showed it to Damien, and then started bitching about how I hate labeling myself. So I wrote this one as well and sent them both.

Virginia Paine is a lazy, pretentious, indie rock hipster who wastes all her time drinking and reading webcomics. She hates work of any kind, which is why she doesn't own a car and can barely scrape together rent money month after month. She tends to avoid talking about her feelings at all costs and is scared of almost everyone. Her inarticulate ramblings and mildly funny comics can be found online at www.milkyboots.blogspot.com.

We'll see which one they pick. I feel like people often think I'm some kind of a saint for riding a bike. I do enjoy it, but more than that, I don't want to pay for a car and I'm frightened of loud, fast things.
And I still haven't gotten over The Baby Jesus Dread Pirate Roberts, which was my first and only car.

2. 10 For 25

-Cut Copy "In Ghost Colors"
-Marley in town!
-Paprika (movie)
-butternut squash and black bean chili (with barley!)
-finally getting sick of cabbage
-Rainer Maria "There Will Be No Night"
-The Millionare
-puking in the AM (fucking tequila)
-JWoolard texting me: "You should write that Fart Party girl again and tell her if she comes you'll take her to the Maker's Mark Distillery"
-Fuzion last Friday. Shit was hype!